Jared Papazian

Jared Papazian

Jared Papazian (born February 1, 1988 in West Hills, CA) is an untraditional American mixed martial arts fighter whose passion to fight was born out of necessity rather than recreation.

Papazian’s athletic career began with t-ball at age 4. He began training in tae kwon do at age 6 and was playing Pop Warner football by age 11. Jared continued playing traditional sports throughout high school, lettering in both baseball and football.

It was during high school when Papazian’s interest in mixed martial arts was born. The tipping point was being jumped by 10 other kids. This is when the desire to master the art of self defense was sparked and Jared was compelled to become well versed in fighting technique.

At age 17, Papazian began training in muay thai, kick boxing and grappling. By 18 he was competing as an amateur mixed martial artist. And at 20, Jared began fighting as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.
Having lost a few fights out of his weight class, he has found his home at 135lbs. Jared “The Jack Hammer” Papazian made his 135 lb debut in his most recent fight. He stepped into the cage “lighter, faster and sharper than we’ve ever seen… The Jack Hammer showed his opponent exactly why his nickname is well deserved. Papazian displayed the two fisted style that’s become expected by the legion of Papazian fans.”

Papazian currently trains with MMA Legend Gokor Chivichyan, Gene LeBell, 4x World Champion Kick
Boxer Rick O’Kane and UFC veteran Alberto Crane.

Name:Jared Papazian
Height:5’8” (172.72cm)
Weight:135 lbs (61.23kg)
City:West Hills, CA
Record:14-8-0 (win-loss-draw)
Wins:5 (T)KOs ( 35.71 %)
1 Submissions ( 7.14 %)
8 Decisions ( 57.14 %)
Losses:5 Submissions ( 63 %)
3 Decisions ( 38 %)
Associations:Legacy MMA Academy
Team Hayastan (North Hollywood)
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